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Forspoken PC best settings for RTX 2080, 2080Ti, and 2080 Super - Best performance, quality, and more explained

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Nvidia RTX 2080, along with its Ti and super variants, are flagship cards in the 20 series released in 2018. The offerings in this lineup were fairly powerful during their time and were among the few that could officially support ray tracing in its earliest days without many frame drops.Forspoken is a game that came out in January 2023 that fans were genuinely excited about.

Although the graphics are not very visually innovative, the game seems to be pretty demanding in terms of its system requirements.

This article will cover the best settings for users to play Forspoken on their RTX 2080 or its Ti and Super variants.When it comes to how the title performs, it sees drops in frame rates and suffers from stuttering problems due to shader compilation issues.

While the 20 series flagship cards perform very well in most AAA titles released as recently as January 2023, they seem to be unable to reach 50 FPS in standard settings in Forspoken.

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