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5 best Mobile Legends Heroes for beginners in 2023

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Since its arrival a few years back, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has risen to become a massively popular battle arena game. Mobile Legends has a huge roster of heroes with unique abilities, and each hero requires a certain level of mastery.

While some heroes are easy to handle and adjust to, others might require hours of practice to work their abilities together into neat combos.As of now, Mobile Legends offers a total of 118 Heroes to try out.

A comprehensive collection of Heroes may often feel overwhelming for someone new to the game and just beginning to rank up.So, here’s a handpicked list of heroes to buy first for the newbies in Mobile Legends:Note: This article reflects the writer’s views and personal choicesCharacter Type: MarksmenMiya was one of the first heroes to appear in Mobile Legends, and she is also one of the starter heroes players get to pick up in the beginning.

Apart from that, she is also one of the earliest heroes with Reap / Damage specialization.In Mobile Legends, Marksmen have a versatile role.

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