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Forspoken PS5 Performance Review

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What do you get when you cross Alice in Wonderland with Iron Man? Square Enix’s latest action-RPG Forspoken aims to answer that question, with a fish out of water plot as the protagonist Frey is thrown into a world of dragons and sorcery.

Built on the same Luminous Engine that powered the team's last game, Final Fantasy XV, it has a similar open world design, with animation, art, creature design and more that will feel familiar.

The game has threeresolution modes, Quality, Ray Tracing, and Performance, each of which also has a 120Hz mode. Quality targets 3840x2160p with dynamic resolution scaling (DRS) engaged, which can scale by 75% in total down to a low of 1920x1080.

Ray Tracing mode reduces the ceiling to 2880x1620p and scales to a low of 1440x810. Both these modes use FSR2 reconstruction to get back to a 4K output when not at that level, which is always the case in the Ray Tracing mode and often in Quality.

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