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5 best free-to-play friendly games to try in 2023

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Today's most renowned gaming titles deliver a bang for the buck, and rightly so. But can the same be said about free-to-play games?

Fortunately, there are a number of successful games that don't cost players anything and can be played for free.Of course, most free-to-play games often have live service models that require players to pay for certain features, such as in-game cosmetics and items.

That said, this article covers five of the best free games in 2023.Within a year of its release, Genshin grossed a billion dollars in revenue and remains one of the most prominent titles in the gaming world.The action-adventure title with role-playing elements inspired by Breath of the Wild was not expected to be a massive global performer.With a beautiful world to explore, interesting lore to discover, and adorable characters to collect, Genshin has everything going for it.

It offers regular updates with new areas to explore, story missions, events, and gachas to pull. Players will also be fairly satisfied with the game's Pity system.Technically a battle royale game, Fall Guys involves several players competing in an arena for first prize.

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