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How to easily obtain and upgrade the Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage sees the return of one of the more popular weapons that has had a stable appearance in all of the franchise's entries.The Lightning Sword, known as the Levin Sword in the latest title, is one of the more powerful weapons that you will be able to come across.

One of its biggest pros is its versatile range of uses, as your Units will be able to pilot the Levin Sword both as a melee as well as a ranged weapon.While the weapon might make some of the harder encounters in the game significantly easier, obtaining it is not all that easy.Hence, the following guide will go over just how you can obtain the Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage, and how to upgrade it to max out its levels.There are primarily two ways that you can use to add the Levin Sword to your repertoire in Fire Emblem Engage.One of the most straightforward ways of obtaining the weapon in the game is to directly purchase it from the Armory in Somniel.

Buying it will cost you 3,000 gold, making it one of the more expensive options to opt into. However, it still remains one of the more reliable purchases in Fire Emblem Engage.To find the sword in the shop's inventory, you will need to head over there after every battle as it will not be up for grabs right away.

As more items start getting added to the Armory with every significant amount of progress in the main game, you will have to constantly come back and check if it is up for sale.The next way to go about obtaining the Levin Sword will be as a drop.

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