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"Financial security for all streamers": Trainwreckstv announces Creator Program, promises fair hourly pay rate for streamers on the platform

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In a recent Twitlonger, Tyler "Trainwreckstv" announced's Creator Program and outlined the opportunities that streamers associated with the program would receive.

A key feature that has caught the eye of many is the introduction of an hourly pay system based on time streamed, which will give creators a steady source of income in addition to other benefits such as ad revenue and money from subscriptions.Trainwreckstv shared the link to the announcement on his Twitter, with a caption claiming that Kick's Creator Program would be in the best interest of streamers and give them financial security regardless of their clout or the size of their viewer base:Tyler has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism after his very public spat with Twitch last year, where he very publicly lambasted them for the 50/50 revenue split issue.

He has always claimed that his association with the brand-new streaming platform would benefit the streaming industry because of the changes he was hoping to implement as an advisor.That said, itself was embroiled in controversy last month after Coffeezilla alleged that the streaming platform was owned by Stake, Trainwreckstv's biggest gambling sponsor, casting doubt on the streamer's motivations behind promoting the website.When the gambling streamer first outlined his plans for the new platform last year, the terms were so generous to the streamers that many thought it was too good to be true.

Promises such as a 95-5 revenue split, 100% donations, and clear TOS naturally interested a lot of creators.With the Kick Creator Program, Trainwreckstv seems to have renewed interest in the platform as he promises some revolutionary changes for the industry.

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