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How old is BruceDropEmOff? Exploring streamer's age and career as he goes viral following controversial departure from OTK

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Twitch sensation Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" is a 22-year-old streamer who has been the subject of much controversy in the last few days due to his abrupt resignation from the Texan content group, OTK.His departure was marked by a spat with one of the co-founders, Mizkif, who himself has been making headlines in recent months over various scandals, including the resurfacing of racist clips from his past.As such, BruceDropEmOff has cut ties with One True King, and it's unclear whether he will be joining another organization just yet.

In the meantime, let's look at his career and how he rose to become a popular Twitch streamer.The streamer was born on September 23, 2000, in the state of Georgia.

In a documentary released on his official YouTube channel in August, Bruce revealed that he has been streaming since he was 13, since 2013:Meaning by mid-2023, he would be in the content creation industry for a decade.

He started his career streaming from his room at his parents' house and showed off the same in the video. Twitch Tracker notes that his official channel was created back in 2015, and he only started streaming regularly from the tail end of the following year.In 2017, he had about 550 hours of streaming time, mostly playing games from the NBA series.

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