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Mizkif apologizes to Kai Cenat following "snitching" controversy

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On January 22, Twitch sensation Matthew "Mizkif" returned to his channel to team up with One True King (OTK) member Bruce "BruceDropEmOff." Before the collaboration, the streamer responded to Twitch star Kai Cenat, who accused him of "snitching."Mizkif recalled seeing Kai Cenat's viral video on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and was saddened to see community members refer to him as "Fedkif." The Austin, Texas-based personality stated that he was upset about the situation and apologized for "snitching."Mizkif addressed the debacle at the start of his January 21 live stream, where he mentioned watching a clip featuring Kai Cenat sharing his opinions on the former.

He stated:The OTK co-owner expressed sadness after hearing some community members call him "Fedkif." He elaborated:Timestamp: 00:15:00Mizkif admitted to "snitching" and apologized for making the statement.

He stated:After a brief pause, Mizkif claimed that he made a "blanket statement" about Twitch bans being "inconsistent." He remarked:Mizkif cited other streamers watching indefinitely banned content creators on their channels as examples.

According to him, it was during this time that he mentioned Kai Cenat collaborating with IShowSpeed. He added:The YouTube comments section amassed over 45 fan reactions.

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