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"We need to stop pointing fingers" xQc offers his take on Mizkif and Kai Cenat drama

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In a recent Twitch stream, Felix “xQc” spoke up about the drama between Mizkif and Kai Cenat. For those who have not followed this issue, the former was banned for watching Gross Gore content on his stream.Mizkif asked his Twitch representative why Kai Cenat was never punished for having IShowSpeed in his stream.

The Canadian streamer spoke up about the issue but focused his rant on how streamers should put less blame on each other.(Clip begins at 19:04)While watching the recent drama, xQc paused the video before Kai would begin his rant about Mizkif being “weird” for trying to rat him out to Twitch.The Twitch streamer discussed his recent aversion to drama, where he hadn’t stood on any side.

xQc stood by that belief, thinking he was right to do what he had to avoid drama.He continued:Felix said that everyone, including viewers and streamers, has to do better.

Though he discussed the W community. He highlighted a few of the streamers in the W community, saying they got a pass in the past since they don’t know the rules of Twitch.According to the Canadian streamer, they may not be as aware of bannable offenses as a relatively new community on the platform.

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