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Zerkaa teases Sidemen Asia trip, believes they will be less recognized

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Twitch streamer and YouTuber Josh "Zerkaa" took to his stream to tease a possible visit to Asia with the Sidemen. For those unfamiliar, the Sidemen are known for their travel videos.So far, the UK-based group has made trips to America and various parts of Europe, but Asia remains an uncharted area for them.

When asked about a possible Asia trip, Zerkaa affirmatively confirmed that a video in one of the countries in Asia could be a probability, especially with the Covid restrictions easing off.Zerkaa also explained that he would like the group to visit the Sidemen, an actual name of a place in Bali, Indonesia.

Additionally, the 30-year-old stated that an Asian trip would be easier since they would be less "recognized."As mentioned earlier, the Sidemen have branched out to different parts of the world with their videos.

From filming in Las Vegas, California, to Marrakesh in Morocco, the UK-based group has had an eventful few years.Asia, however, remains a continent that the group is yet to travel to.

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