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With League of Legends’ source code being held for ransom, Riot Games' IP is purportedly being sold for $1,000,000

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Following Riot Games' public admission that the source code for its primary products, League of Legends, TFT, and Legacy anti-cheat platform, had been stolen, the infamous hacker is now auctioning it off for $1,000,000 as a starting bid.The hacker, known as "Arka" or "ArkaT," advertised the transaction on a famous site that deals in stolen datasets.

They provided a large PDF file that includes all the directories and files purportedly stolen from Riot Games as proof of the sale.Riot Games openly disclosed on January 21 that it was the victim of a social engineering attack in which the infiltrators were able to exfiltrate the source code of League of Legends, TFT, and the Legacy anti-cheat platform.Following that, on January 24, the company informed the community that it had received a ransom email from the hacker, unequivocally saying that no payment would be made.The hacker stole at least 70 GB of data from the game developers, according to the PDF.

Furthermore, Arka claims to have obtained files pertaining to "Packman," a League of Legends anti-cheat software.Further information was also shared on Twitter by VX-Underground, which tracks cybercriminal activities.

They are as follows:The Motherboard received a copy of the hacker's ransom email to Riot Games, in which they asked for $10,000,000.

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