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League of Legends source code stolen and held for ransom, Riot Games updates community

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Riot Games has kept its pledge to update the League of Legends community after a social engineering attack compromised systems in its development environment.

This has ultimately caused a ripple effect, causing future releases like Ahri ASU and Aurelion Sol rework to be further delayed.After this, they revised the summary by delving into detail by confirming the source code for League of Legends, TFT (Team Fight Tactics), and a legacy anti-cheat platform being exfiltrated.In their official statement, Riot Games revealed that a ransom email was sent to them by the perpetrator.

They also declined to make any monetary transactions.They have recognized that any exposure to source code increases the possibility of new cheats appearing.

They went on to say that the illegally obtained source code has several experimental features as well. While this may pose problems in the future, the team is certain that no player data or personal information has been compromised.While they expect that some of the new game modes and other updates will be made available to users, most of this material is still in prototype form, with no certainty of being published in the future.They also mentioned that their security experts and internationally acknowledged external consultants are still assessing the assault and auditing their systems.

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