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League of Legends will update BE prices for beginner friendly champions to make them more accessible

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In a recent Reddit post, League of Legends developer Truexy stated that he and Riot August would be working to adjust the Blue Essence (BE) prices for the beginner-friendly champions to make them more accessible to new players.BE is an important currency in League of Legends that is used to purchase and unlock champions.

However, the BE prices for some older champions may be outdated.Certain champions, despite being easy to play, have very high BE requirements.

Unfortunately, the only way to earn BE is by leveling up your account. This means that unlocking a champion can take quite a while and be a daunting task for a new player.League of Legends, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 2023, has released numerous champions over the years.

In the past, each champion had a specific BE cost that was determined based on factors such as age, popularity, and difficulty.In the current day, however, every champion is priced at 6300 BE.

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