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Fact Check: Will Hi-Fi Rush be free to play?

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A surprise addition to this year’s first Xbox Developer Direct, Hi-Fi Rush is a brand new entry from developers Tango Frameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks.

This uber-style hack-and-slash-based rhythm fighter follows protagonist Chai and his team of rebels as they face off against an evil megacorporation.With many free-to-play titles having been announced in recent years, players may also be curious as to whether this title will follow the same treatment.

The answer, unfortunately, is not what they are looking for.Despite best expectations, Hi-Fi Rush is not a free-to-play title and can be purchased for PC and the Xbox Series X/S.

Fortunately, however, it does not include any microtransactions and is a complete single-player experience.Thankfully, gamers with access to both PC and Xbox versions of Game Pass can play the game effectively from day one thanks to the subscription service.

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