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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Say Moriah's Music Career Will Fail

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People who watch Welcome to Plathville know that Moriah Plath has her heart set on breaking into the music business, but some fans of the show don't think that her goal is realistic.

The singer has been promoting her music since the show first aired, without hitting the big time. Even though she may have grand aspirations, Moriah could possibly fail to excel in her singing career.

During four Welcome to Plathville seasons, Moriah has always shared her passion for singing and storytelling. Fans may have watched Kim and Barry Plath's daughter write lyrics in her song notebook, and play melodies on her guitar.

Most of Moriah's siblings are musically inclined, thanks to Kim's desire to have a family band. The Plath family would tour from church to church, singing their gospel songs to the locals.

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