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Where to Find The Gun Silencer in Last of Us 2 (& How to Use It)

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In a stealth game like , having access to a gun silencer can prove to be a great asset when dealing with multiple enemies. Even in the easiest difficulty, using a gun silencer can make a massive difference when dealing with runners, clickers, and other types of zombies.

Unfortunately, due to the limited resources available in almost every level of, it can be challenging to craft a gun silencer.

Players should also note that the Gun Silencer recipe isn’t available at the start and is unlocked during the chapter. Related: Where to Find a Bow & Arrow in The Last of Us 2 To unlock the Gun Silencer recipe, players will need to advance to the Capitol Hill level on their first day in Seattle, provided they use the correct gate codes.

Here players will need to find an upgrade book called the ‘Training Manual: Stealth,’ which can be found at the bookshop opposite a gas station.

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