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What's New With the Windows App Store?

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The app stores built into desktop operating systems like Windows 11 and macOS haven’t equaled the success of their mobile counterparts—maybe simply because those are the only place to get apps on those platforms.

Despite this comparative lack of traction, Microsoft claims(Opens in a new window) a “more than a 50% increase in new desktop apps and games coming to Microsoft Store compared to the same period last year.” Getting apps from an app store brings several benefits, like security and content validation, easy installation and uninstallation, and transfer of purchased apps to multiple machines.

At Build 2022, Microsoft is trying to give developers even more reasons to offer their programs on the store, making it possible for more types of apps and giving apps more visibility.

The company is also giving users at least one more good reason to use the store: easy restoring of apps on new PCs. Here's a rundown of what’s new for the Microsoft Store on Windows 11: You can restore apps you acquired via the store on a new PC in one fell swoop, saving a whole installation process for each.

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