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UK Funds $3.5M Rolls Royce Project To Build Nuclear Reactor For Moon Bases

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British carmaker Rolls-Royce is receiving £2.9 million (around $3.5 million) to fund its research into nuclear power that could be used for lunar bases.

Announcing the UK Space Agency funding via a press release on its website(Opens in a new window), Rolls-Royce said it would help its scientists and engineers build a micro-nuclear reactor by 2029 that can “provide power for humans to live and work on the Moon.”  The UK Space Agency had funded an earlier Rolls-Royce study last year.

That fund amounted to £249,000 The micro-nuclear reactor will be made in collaboration with the University of Oxford, University of Brighton, and Univeristy of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Rolls-Royce said the funding would allow it to “strengthen its knowledge” and focus on the fuel used to generate heat, the method of heat transfer and technology to convert that heat into electricity.

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