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This new sci-fi horror gives you a Kinect-like scanner to see enemies, who can you hear you from your mic

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The Voidness is a forthcoming sci-fi horror game where you use an Xbox Kinect-style scanner to reveal otherwise invisible enemies, and if that sounds tense, just know that those enemies will be able to hear your real-life breathing, so keep it down.

I've always been a sucker for psychological horror games that use interactivity in unique ways, and this sounds right up my alley.

The scanner used by the space scientist protag isn't actually an Xbox Kinect - that's just the first comparison my dumb brain could conjure up.

It's actually a Lidar scanner, which is a real-life light-sensing technology typically used to study the Earth. In The Voidness, it's used to examine a mysterious void filled with hostile alien creatures, with the goal being to escape the spacecraft alive and also find out what happened to your missing crewmates.

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