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There’s More Than Meets the Eye in Skyrim When Going Out of Bounds

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By now, pretty much everything that can be found in Skyrim has been, but there are still some fans who are finding out a few things, such as this one player who was able to go out of bounds and see evidence of the game's predecessor.

Of course, many have already seen more than enough of Bethesda's 2011 epic RPG, but there are those who are still discovering that The Elder Scrolls 5 has quite a few hidden areas, some of which evade gamers for several years.However, there are some things that need specific tactics in order to gain access to such secrets.

For example, there are ways to exploit Skyrim to go out of bounds, which puts the player outside the physical boundaries of a world or specific location, in order to take a peek behind the curtain, as it were.

This is a trick almost as old as gaming itself, but it's interesting to see there are fans who are just uncovering new things, even after all this time. Skyrim’s Arrows Do More Than Just Pierce Enemies, It Seems For example, Reddit user A_Salty_Cellist recently posted a screenshot from their Skyrim playthrough which shows them floating in the air.

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