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The Walking Dead PSVR2 Looks Generations Apart from Meta Quest 2 | Push Square

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We know that PSVR2 is significantly more powerful than Meta Quest 2, and it should be: the headset is not only utilising cutting-edge tech, but it’s also powered by Sony’s new-gen PS5 console, which is obviously far more advanced than Meta’s built-in mobile chipset.

Despite all that, however, the irritatingly named The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution practically looks like a remake on PlayStation’s latest visor.

This comparison, put together by GameXplain, underlines the extraordinary leap in quality. It starts out relatively impressive, as we see an upgrade in texture quality and lighting.

But as you progress through the video it gets more and more jaw-dropping: the environments in particular are so much more densely detailed that the difference is remarkable – it’s almost like this is a remake of the original launching ten years later rather than a few months.

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