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The Reaction To The Racism In Spider-Man: Lotus Shows How Selfish We All Are

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I reject the idea that humans are inherently good. Perhaps that’s a little deep for an opinion piece on a Spider-Man fan movie, but it’s true.

It’s why we have affairs, start wars, and vote for the Tories. There might be some innate goodness to the human spirit, a thing inside us that makes us protect one another in the worst of times, but at our baseline, humans are selfish.

Humans are cruel. Humans only care about themselves. Here’s where the Spider-Man fan movie comes into it. Titled Spider-Man: Lotus, the movie was one of the most anticipated amateur movie projects.

I say ‘was’, but in a lot of cases, it still is. The reason the movie has become so controversial is because the actor playing Spider-Man, Warden Wayne, has just been outed as having a history of using racial slurs.

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