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The Next LEGO Game Should Be Based on Transformers

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Ever since the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the internet has been filled with predictions and pleas over what the next Traveller's Tales LEGO game should be.

Some have been calling for the next title to be MCU related, others have wanted a return to Middle-Earth or the Wizarding World, and some have even wanted another adventure through the Star Wars TV shows There is an endless amount of franchises that could receive a LEGO game, and many fans are skipping some less obvious ones.Recently, LEGO has announced that it is releasing an Optimus Prime LEGO set based on the character from Transformers.

Usually, Traveller's Tales does not craft a LEGO game around an IP unless that series has LEGO sets already based on it. Now that LEGO is dipping its toes in the Transformers universe, it means it may be fair game for a full-fledged LEGO title based on the transforming aliens.

This would serve as a brand-new IP for Traveller's Tales and may be just what Transformers needs.The Next LEGO Game Needs to Put an Emphasis on LevelsOver the years, there have been countless video games based on the Transformers franchise.

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