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The Mortuary Assistant: Endings Guide

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There are five possible endings to The Mortuary Assistant, and players that are interested in extending their time with the game may want to try to see them all.

However, the way that several of the game's endings are accessed may not be immediately obvious, and indeed some fans may find themselves confused about what they are meant to do.

This guide is here to alleviate that confusion and provide details on how to unlock all endings in The Mortuary Assistant.In preface of detailing how to unlock the various endings, it is important to mention that some of this information may function as a spoiler.

While care has been taken to minimize those spoilers, and there is little said about the specifics of the endings, players may want to beat The Mortuary Assistant at least once before they continue reading.6 Best Indie Horror Game HeroesThis is one of the game's «good» endings, and it is quite simple to earn.

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