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The Metal Gear Solid Master Collection might not be able to save MGS4

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Alongside the long-awaited announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake - goofball trailer and all - Konami also announced a series of collections bringing back the old games in their original forms, and now the question is whether or not the developers will have the resources to save Metal Gear Solid 4.

If you missed the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1, the package includes the original Metal Gear Solid and the HD collection versions of its first two numbered sequels, Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater.

The 'Vol. 1' in the title certainly implies further releases down the line, and Konami describes this as "the first in a new collection of games from the legendary series." There are plenty more Metal Gear games to collect, from mainline entries like Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain to spin-offs like Revengeance, Ghost Babel, and Acid.

But nobody's quite certain whether to hope that the collection will include Metal Gear Solid 4, despite the game's importance in wrapping up pretty much every plot thread in the main series.

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