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‘Stranger Things’ star takes gaming to the next level by joining FaZe Clan

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Things haven’t been great for the esports industry as of late. Once thought to be the next wave of professional sports, things have sputtered and fizzled a bit since then. FaZe Clan, an esports company that went public last year, recently laid off 40 percent of its staff as its stock price shrunk from $13 a share to $0.59.

That doesn’t mean its giving up though, as the company recently signed Grace Van Dien, better known as Chrissy from Stranger Things.Both FaZe and Van Dien made the announcement on Twitter with a video introducing her.

She’s going to go by bluefille, which means “Blue girl,” apparently. Van Dien is an attempt by FaZe to capture some of the buzz Van Dien got last Summer for her viral turn in the super hit that is Stranger Things.Case in point: Here we are writing about it.

We wouldn’t be doing it if she hadn’t have joined, so at least there’s that. FaZe made waves when it signed legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, but Snoop bailed last month as the company’s stock continued to plummet.In March, FaZe got a letter from the Nasdaq Capital Market that it’s in danger of being delisted because its share price has been below the $1 minimum price for more than 30 days.

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