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Starfield's "Drug Use" Pushes Rating In Australia Above Bethesda's Past Games

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Starfield will have lots of drug use and no sex, it seems.By Eddie Makuch on The next game from storied developer Bethesda Game Studios, the ambitious spacefaring sci-fi RPG Starfield, has received a rating in Australia, and it's something of a surprise.The Australian Classification Board has given Starfield a rating of R18+, which means the game contains content «considered high in impact» for players.

The ratings page states that Starfield's R18+ rating mainly stems from its depiction of unspecified «drug use.»The R18+ rating is noteworthy considering Bethesda's previous games, like Skyrim and Fallout 76 received the lower rating of MA15+.For Starfield, as you can see in the classification breakdown below, other content vectors showed that Starfield received a «moderate impact» distinction for its «themes,» a «strong impact» label for violence, and another «moderate impact» for language.

For nudity, Starfield received a «very mild impact» rating, and a «none» for sex. The rating description doesn't provide any specifics, though.In any event, former Bethesda ANZ senior community manager Jonny Roses said Starfield getting an R18+ rating in Australia is a «bummer» for Bethesda's local team in Australia. «It just makes it a harder for them to advertise the game, display it at events, etc.

R18+ games cannot be sold to minors, whereas MA15+ games can with a parent,» Roses said.Wow, Starfield got rated R 18+ in Australia.

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