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Star Wars Supports A Big Anakin & Qui-Gon Force Ghost Theory

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Star Wars has offered more evidence supporting the theory Qui-Gon Jinn's Force ghost attempted to advise Obi-Wan Kenobi.

There is a sense in which Qui-Gon Jinn's death was the deciding moment of Anakin Skywalker's life. Had Qui-Gonn survived his duel with Darth Maul, he would have been more than a mentor to Anakin; he would have been the father figure the boy so desperately needed.

But Qui-Gon was slain in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, and Anakin's fate was sealed. Death was not the end for Qui-Gon Jinn; he had learned esoteric Force knowledge that allowed him to manifest his presence after death.

It seems to have taken him some time to achieve this, however, and his voice was first heard in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones, crying out in sorrow as Anakin slaughtered the Tuskens.

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