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Sony Patent Could Prevent Players From Accessing Age-Restricted Content

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As Sony continues to make PlayStation bigger and better, a number of patents have been filed, including a new one that could prevent players from accessing age-restricted content.

Since parental controls were first implemented from a hardware level with the original Xbox, kids have found workarounds to access age-restricted content, but Sony may have a solution.Parental controls were first widely used with the seventh generation of consoles with the Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, each providing their own take on the same concept.

Parental controls continue to undergo several changes at Sony. Sony has a new idea that may help parents and others limit the age-restricted content shown through a head-mounted display even more than the tools that are currently available with the PS5. Sony is Not Happy About Starfield Xbox Exclusivity According to a freshly filed Sony patent, VR users will be curated content based on their user profile by using rating scores to match the player with specific visuals.

Because there have been many vulgar expressions used in VR spaces already, part of this patent highlights an effort to prevent young gamers from seeing explicit gestures, language, and graphics used in PS VR and presumably other VR devices.

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