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Skyrim Trick Lets Players Solve Puzzle by Becoming a Werewolf

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A neat trick in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim allows gamers to complete a puzzle by becoming a werewolf. Even though Skyrim is over a decade old, it looks like users are still finding new ways to interact with the world.The dungeons of Skyrim are filled with traps and puzzles, but fans over the years have found unique and interesting ways to bypass them.

As an example, one Skyrim player triggers a fire trap inside a dungeon but avoids it by being short, as the video shows the fire simply going over the character’s head.

Now, another Skyrim fan has figured out a neat trick that lets them easily complete specific puzzles as a werewolf. Skyrim Mod Brings The Voice of Witcher 3's Ciri To The GameA Reddit user named OscarSB has shared a short clip from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, showing that turning into a werewolf allows gamers to complete the puzzle in the Ustengrav tomb with ease.

This section otherwise requires players to use the Whirlwind Sprint shout, which lets them rush forward at speed, and it can also be used to bypass similar puzzles present in the various dungeons of Skyrim.

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