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PS Plus Premium Adds New Game

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PS Plus Premium is now available in several locations across the world, giving fans a library of PS1, PS2, PSP, PS4, and PS5 games to play.

This lets fans revisit some goldies of the classic systems, while also letting them check out more modern games. So far, the reception to PS Plus Premium has trended largely positive, and it’ll likely remain that way as Sony expands the library every month.For example, Sony has already confirmed thatStray will join PS Plus Extra (and PS Plus Premium encapsulates that) in July.

It’s also expected to announce more Extra and Premium games midway through next month. While this structure will be beneficial, it seems PS Plus isn’t beyond adding some shadow drops every now and then, giving fans plenty of reasons to keep an eye on their library.PS Plus Gets New TrailerCase in point: without any announcement or fanfare, subscribers in North America can access a new PSP game on PS Plus Premium.

Super Stardust Portable can now be accessed within the classic games section of Premium, complete with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filter features.For those PS Plus Premium subscribers who may not remember it,Super Stardust Portable was released on PSP in November 2008, and the franchise has had numerous entries across multiple platforms, including Vita and PS3.

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