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Games Inbox: Best PS3 game on PS Plus Premium, Atari at 50, and Elden Ring 2 speculation

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The Tuesday letters page discusses its hopes and expectations for the Nintendo Direct Mini, as one reader suggests a Red Dead Revolver remake.To join in with the discussions yourself email up I realise it’s not a very comprehensive list yet, until Sony adds more games, but GC’s rundown of the best PlayStation 3 games on PS Plus Premium is really not that great.

I think everyone, including Sony, will admit it’s the least of the PlayStation console but it is surprising how few genuinely classic exclusives there are.I’d actually say the best game on the list at the moment is Ico HD, and that’s just a PlayStation 2 remaster.

The Last Of Us and the Uncharted games do fit that bill but they’re both counted as PlayStation 4 games thanks to their remasters and I don’t think the original games are even on the service.

God Of War: Ascension and the inFamous games never reviewed all that well at the time and Sony hasn’t even bothered to put Killzone and Resistance on yet.I am interested in giving Puppeteer a go though, as I like the look of that, as like many I owned an Xbox 360 during that period, and this only confirms to me that it was the right choice.

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