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Games Inbox: PS Plus Premium success, Sega super games, and Stray as a day one PS Plus Extra

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The Friday letters page discusses the death of E3 and its limited alternatives, as one reader celebrates beating Elden Ring’s Fire Giant.To join in with the discussions yourself email fan Well, despite not really being too fussed about the new PlayStation Plus I jumped straight into the mid-tier as soon as it was available.

Turned out to be a bit of a win too, because the first game I downloaded as part of my new subscription was Returnal, which I had liked the look of before it came out but was put off by the difficulty when the reviews landed.I spent a good few hours playing it as soon as it was ready and absolutely love it, it’s a game that I genuinely would have not picked up and tried had it not been free!

There are also a few other games in the catalogue that I’d been on the fence about too so all of a sudden I’m not worried about the summer games drought so much anymore.First party releases not being available day one does mean that it’s not as good as Game Pass, but there are plenty of decent games in the catalogue so I’ll stick my head above the parapet and say that I’m a fan!RickandrollaGC: We’ve always said Returnal is the best game of 2021.Day one Now the PS Plus revamp is live in the UK, and we can see the selection of games available, I’d be intrigued to hear what readers think of Sony’s offering.If I didn’t already have a long backlog of games to get through, I’d at least try a month or two of the Extra tier.

I’d be looking to try out games that haven’t quite convinced me to make a purchase despite knowing they’re critically acclaimed.

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