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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Flutter Mane VGC Builds

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s Ancient Paradox Pokémon, Flutter Mane, litters the competitive scene in competitions. This Pokémon is everywhere, and skilled trainers take advantage of its unique typing and very high Special Attack.

Flutter Mane also is very versatile as it is given a large move pool that provides advantages in double battles. Whether using this Pokémon to win a battle or facing against it, understanding Flutter Mane is important to succeed in teambuilding each season.

Flutter Mane is an exclusive edition Pokémon of which can be traded to. It is an Ancient Paradox Pokémon that can be found in Area Zero.

It is mostly found around Research Station 4 in the main cavern where AI Professor Sada shows her Time Machine. To increase the chance of encountering a Flutter Mane consider using an isolation method of catching Pokémon with a Fairy-type or Ghost-type Power Sandwich.

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