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@LtSarge PS5 represents a similar generational leap as a Series X so you know pretty much what to expect from the hardware and of course, will get games that the 'older' gen won't — something that will certainly increase as more move to PS5 making it less financially feasible to 'port' games down to the 'diminishing' player base.

Not enough players to 'buy' to justify the costs of porting down and optimising for. If you want to play Spider-Man 2, Wolverine and whatever else Sony has planned in the future, as well as games like Demon Souls, Returnal or R&C, you'll need at least a PS5.

That's not including all the 3rd Party Deals that will give Playstation exclusive content too — and some that will not be on Xbox/Game Pass ever because Sony paid to keep it off there, some content may have to wait a year or two before its on Xbox.

So if you just stick with a Series X and PS4/Pro, you'll miss out on some content. I don't know how true the Rumours of a PS5 Pro are or even whether it will 'come' to market.

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