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Persona 5 Royal: How to Increase Kindness

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Kindness is one of the five social stats in Persona 5 Royal. It is boosted by hanging out with certain confidants, watching specific movies, and taking care of plants.

The stat is needed to hang out with members of Joker's party such as Anna and Futaba. Those who want good support skills should invest in Kindness, as Futaba is a confidant with many valuable skills.The Kindness stat is the only Persona 5 Royal social stat that is not raiseable through the Big Bang Burger Challenge, but there are still plenty of other ways for Joker to buff the stat.

Players should be sure to read the right books, watch the right movies, and do part-time work at the Flower Shop.Persona 5 Royal: All Exam AnswersKindness can be raised through specific video games, DVDs, and books.

Joker will need a TV and Retro Game Console for the games and DVDs. The books also come from a variety of different places, from the school library to bookstores.

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