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Only One Shonen Jump Manga is Justifying The Absurd Length of its Fights

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Warning! Contains spoilers for Chapter 24 of Akane-Banashi! One of the most common (and annoying) tropes in Shonen manga is being subverted by one unexpected series.

Shonen manga generally has a lot of different elements that can be weird or off-putting to new readers. But while many of these tropes are annoying, some can be fun to read.

The trope of overly long and drawn-out fights is one of those tropes that straddle the line between being annoying and being enjoyable.

On the one hand, the payoffs to these fights are often extremely satisfying and the fighting itself can be enjoyable. But oftentimes, these fights are just too drawn out to provide much enjoyment, and if the conclusion of the fight doesn't live up to expectations, they can be very disappointing as Jujutsu Kaisen has recently shown.

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