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Pokemon's Legends: Arceus Animated Special Might Have Already Shot Itself In The Foot

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Pokemon has announced a new anime special based off Pokemon: Legends Arceus coming to Netflix next month, and that should be great news.

Legends: Arceus was a breath of fresh air for the Pokemon formula, and while change has come slowly for the behemoth and there's still a lot of work to be done with Pokemon staying stagnant for far too long, the series is finally starting to evolve.

It has put down the Everstone and is growing into something deeper, with Scarlet & Violet taking its cues from Legends: Arceus (plus a little bit of Breath of the Wild) to become even more expansive.

Legends: Arceus is still a big contender for my game of the year and my favourite mainline game since HeartGold, assuming we don't count Let's Go.

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