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Revisiting Kanto: Saffron Is One Of The Most Important Cities In Pokemon History

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Roll up, roll up, we're heading back to Kanto. As regular readers of TheGamer know, I've been heading through Pokemon Blue's Kanto again, hitting a new place week by week, trying to appreciate it as a tourist.

The idea at the heart of it is to figure out why this place means so much to me, and I've developed a deeper admiration for the games with each passing week, as well as finding that some places don't live up to the memory.

If you want to catch up on the story so far, check it out here, and as always, a thousand apologies to returning readers for sitting through this intro once more.

This week, we're in Saffron City, one of the most important cities in Pokemon's history. Pokemon has been accused of copying the formula over and over again, so its no surprise that a lot of ideas established in Kanto echo out across the rest of the games.

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