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Super Punch-Out!! Multiplayer Mode Discovered 28 Years Later

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Some old video games hold onto their secrets for many years and is one such game. One user has discovered a secret code for the 1994 Super NES game that unlocks a previously unknown multiplayer mode.

Even more, in this free match mode, at character info screen hold B+Y then press A or START. From now the CPU opponent can be controlled from JOYPAD2 so you can fight against a real person. — Unlisted Cheats (@new_cheats_news) <a href=«» https:>August 8, 2022 Unlisted Cheats on Twitter described their process in finding the game’s secret two-player mode.

By holding down Y and R (on the second controller) and then pressing Start or A (on the first controller), users will be greeted a special screen as seen in the tweet.

From there, holding B and Y (on the second controller) and pressing Start or A again (on the first controller) will let the player change the A.I.

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