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Have a Nice Death Developer Discusses Fast Food Update, Animations, and More

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Have a Nice Death is an interesting sidescrolling action game that is currently available in early access on Steam, and it got a free update in the form of the Fast Food expansion just last month, with more projects currently in the pipeline.

Have a Nice Death is a roguelike title that is more akin to video games like Hades and Dead Cells when it comes to the gameplay loop, but its 2D animations make it similar to Hollow Knight and its highly anticipated sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

In the Fast Food update, players will lead Death into the Toxic Food-Processing Department to scold employees that ran amok and fight tomato slice-shooting burgers and muscly pickle jars along the way.In this Gearbox Software-published game, the new Fast Food update not only provides fans with more content, but it is a way to discuss the importance of healthy diets compared to the preservative-filled and sugary junk food that modern society consumes.

According to Nicolas Leger, the creative director and animation director for Have a Nice Death, the Fast Food update is supposed to delve into the aesthetics of American diners from the '50s to make it clear that fast food restaurants are part of the problem, but not the only issue.

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