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Neon White - Every Gift Location For Mission 6: Covenant

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Neon White's sixth mission is something of an escalation. These are some of the most deviously difficult platforming sections in the game.

But it isn't just the platforming that is super tricky about these levels: it is also the gift placement. One of this mission's favorite tricks is to place the present in view from the starting position, only to have you go on a wild goose chase in order to obtain said present.

That's right, they're taunting us now. Related: Neon White: Complete Guide To Soul Cards A big part of what makes these stages so tricky are the new demon types: the tripwire demon and the landmine demon.

The tripwire don't play a huge role in your present hunting endeavors, but the landmine demons operate as a dynamic launching pad, which means they will absolutely play a role in acquiring some of these tucked-away treasures.

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