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Every Leaked Marvel's Avengers Character Yet to Appear in the Game

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Despite many ups and downs, Marvel’s Avengers is still getting new content, with the game’s latest hero just a few days away from her official release.

Come June 28, Marvel’s Avengers fans will be able to use The Mighty Thor in-game, with Jane Foster boasting unique abilities and her own hero challenge card.

However, fans already have an idea of who could be coming to the game after Jane Foster’s debut.Admittedly, it is unclear how much more support Marvel’s Avengers will get after Embracer's acquisition of Crystal Dynamics.

If it does continue to receive content, though, players can expect four specific heroes to come to the game. While other names have been spotted by dataminers, there has been a significant amount of evidence for the following heroes.Marvel's Avengers: Jane Foster's Trailer Shows How Cool a Mighty Thor Operation Would Have BeenThe hero most likely to come to Marvel’s Avengers soon is She-Hulk.

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