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Naughty Dog shows off its own Last of Us Part 1 graphics comparison

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Naughty Dog has released its own video comparing the graphics in The Last of Us Part 1 to the original game running on PS4. We've seen a handful of third-party comparison (opens in new tab) videos (opens in new tab) emerge since The Last of Us Part 1 debuted at Summer Game Fest in June.

Now, Naughty Dog itself has hand-picked a scene from both games and laid them out side-by-side to show off the improvements.

As expected from a full-on, ground-up remake, the textures, lighting, models, and animations all look dramatically better. Here, see for yourself: Get ready to hit the dusty trail for a beautiful -- and dangerous -- journey across America in The Last of Us Part I!Read more: 4, 2022 There's a big debate going on right now about whether The Last of Us remake is worth its $70 price tag - the same you'd pay for most original AAA PS5 games these days.

On one hand, Naughty Dog had to rebuild the thing from scratch to get the visuals and animations up to 2022 standards - one developer called it "the most meticulously built and crafted project" he'd ever worked on - but it's also worth considering that the developers already had a thorough blueprint going in with the original game, so presumably it required less work overall than a brand new game of a similar scope might demand.

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