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Batora: Lost Haven Preview - Retreading through a cosmic epic

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Have you played a game that gives you a sense of deja vu but cannot put your finger on it? That’s the same feeling I got when playing Batora: Lost Haven.

The upcoming narrative-driven isometric action-RPG from Stormind Games and Team17 is a familiar yet unique adventure across the cosmos.It took me around five hours to beat the demo provided by the publisher, journeying across several biomes and a few boss fights.

Before I delve into where this game succeeds and stumbles, let’s cover the essentials: Batora: Lost Haven depicts the adventures of Avril and her best friend Mila, who are transported to another planet while exploring a post-apocalyptic London.She soon discovers that other planets around the multiverse have met similar fates to Earth thanks to a mysterious cataclysm, and now, she has been chosen as the ultimate savior.

Not just for mankind but existence as a whole.With twin deities Sun and Moon bestowing supernatural abilities upon Avril and guiding her throughout the journey, Batora: Lost Haven wastes little time explaining the core fundamentals: the Nature system depicted by Physical (orange) and Mental (purple) natures.With Sun’s blessing, she strengthened enough to wield a sword to get up close and personal with foes; Moon’s grace allows her psyche to transcend, granting her projectile-based attacks to keep a distance from baddies.

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