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Miasma Chronicles Has Serious Fullmetal Alchemist Vibes

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505 Games' very first showcase has come and gone, and while it didn't include famous 505 franchises like Control, it still included some noteworthy games.

Aside from the RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, the Finnish survival title Among the Trolls, and a new action RPG called Stray Blade, 505 Games took the time to discuss Miasma Chronicles.

While the cinematic trailer for Miasma Chronicles didn't reveal much about the gameplay, developer The Bearded Ladies has shed a fair amount of light on the game outside the reveal trailer.

Miasma Chronicles is a turn-based RPG set in post-apocalyptic America that draws on The Bearded Ladies' experience developing Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.The new Bearded Ladies game has plenty of unique ideas in store, from its depiction of a sundered near-future America to the aesthetic of the mysterious, deadly Miasma, but manga and anime fans may find the story of Miasma Chronicles a little familiar.

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