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How To Find Dragon Essence In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Upon collecting the first of the 15 Dragon Vein Essences in , a pop-up notifies players that «Dragon Vein Essence will increase the efficacy of the Dragon's Cure Pot.» While the Dragon Vein Crystals upgrade the number of uses for the Dragon's Cure Pot, the Essences upgrade the quality of the Cure Pot, and how much health is given per use.

Making a point find of finding Dragon Vein Essences during the first playthrough of each mission will help players progress faster, since even the first boss can be difficult to beat in .

Keep in mind that missions can be replayed if the Essence is not found during the first playthrough. Other than the Hidden Village Dragon Vein Essence, they are all in missions and sub-missions players will already be completing.

The only reason not to collect them is if players are trying to self-impose an extra difficulty level. Related: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Multiplayer Guide — How to Play With Friends Dragon Vein Essences are often found near demons, especially Chang Gui, as a deterrent.

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