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How to complete the Kill 'Em All mission in Evil Dead: The Game

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Evil Dead: The Game is yet another survival horror title that includes a ton of missions that players can complete.Evil Dead is a cult hit when it comes to its movies and television shows.

Bruce Campbell became a megastar due to them, and now it has its own video game spinoff with the character Ash available to complete several familiar objectives.One of those is a mission known as Kill 'Em All.

It sees players fighting against a horde of the Deadites with the goal of sending them straight back to hell. This can be a bit tricky for those who aren't accustomed to this type of game.Kill Em All is just one mission that resembles an iconic moment from the Evil Dead franchise.

Whether playing as Ash Williams or another character, players can jump into the mission and have a limited time to complete it.Here is how to get the job done and send the Deadites back to where they came from:After Eligos is downed, the mission is over, and players will receive the rewards for beating Kill 'Em All.

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