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Weekend Warrior – The Most Evil Friday

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We've made it through another week but have landed on an ominous date to start the weekend. It's Friday the 13th! Today marks the release of the game on the latest cover of Game Informer, Evil Dead: The Game.

And wouldn't you know it, we've posted the entire cover story from that issue online this week. Once you've had your fill of reading about Ash Williams and his new asymmetrical multiplayer game, we have plenty more to read on the website that you won't find anywhere else.

Here's a taste of our original content for you to read throughout the weekend:  Check out all of that and much, much more! And now that those pieces are wrapped, and so is the workweek, we're all ready for a nice weekend off.

Here's what the GI staff has planned for the coming few days: John Carson – After surviving a terrible cold (yes, I was a baby about it all week) and plenty of severe weather, I'm ready to have a nice calm weekend without all the tornado warnings, sniffles, and Kleenex.

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