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Evil Dead: The Game - The Best Warrior Ash Build (Perks & Skills)

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In Evil Dead: The Game, those who prefer to play the role of a tanky damage dealer should consider selecting Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) with his best perks and skills.

This version of Ash is part of the Warrior class of characters that also includes Scotty and Henry the Red. Unlike the other two characters, however, Army of Darkness Ash has the ability to switch from tank to juggernaut whenever his shields are deactivated and reactivated thanks to a few unique passive skills.

Ultimately, these skills will allow players to deal more damage overall as they synergize with some of the best skills available for a max-level Warrior Ash.

Like every character in Evil Dead: The Game, all of the passive skills for Army of Darkness Ash will be unlocked once the character is at level 25.

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